There will be NO CLASS on Friday, March 2nd due to the Children's Belt Ceremony. Please wear FULL uniforms (long sleeve tops and bottoms).

The Form Tournament and Belt Ceremony will be held at Burbank (Headquarters) location! 
-The Form Tournament will be from 5-6pm. If you have not done so already, sign up at the front desk! The Form Tournament is for all belts and all ages. Everyone wins a trophy!
Fee: $20 for BBC Members and $25 for Non-BBC Members. On the day of the tournament, the fee will go up $5.

**The Children's Belt Ceremony will be from 6-8pm
Adults' Belt Ceremony will be on Thursday, March 1st from 7:15-8:15pm

2)  The following ID#'s did not pass the test and need to schedule a make-up test during class:
316010 - Kicking
316022 - Form
116048 - Form
115122 - Form
316073 - Focus
115129 - Focus
316071 - Kicking
112002 - Form
117048 - Kicking

If you did not take the test, please disregard these test results. 
Hope to see everyone at the Belt Ceremony this Friday!