If your ID# is listed below, please contact us by Thursday, August 20, to schedule a make-up test.

213138 - Form, Focus, Kicking
214079 - Focus

If you took the test and your ID# is not listed above, you passed the test!
If you did not take the test this month, please disregard the test results. 

There is NO CLASS on Friday, August 21, due to the Poomsae (Form Tournament) and the Children's Belt Ceremony!

The Poomsae (Form) Tournament will be on Friday, August 21, from 5 - 6 PM. This is a great opportunity to use the skills you have learned in a friendly tournament!
Anyone can participate (even if you did not take the test) and everyone gets a trophy, so sign up at the front desk!

The Children's Belt Ceremony will be after the Poomsae Tournament from 6 - 7:30 PM. 

The Adults' Belt Ceremony will be on Thursday, August 20, during regular class time at 7:15 PM.

Please give us a call or email back if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.