A few announcements...


1) Everyone did very well during the Promotion Test! However, some students did not pass and will need to contact Master Lee for a make up test:


214008           Focus

213096           Kicking


Congratulations to those who passed, and for those who didn't, please contact Master Lee for a make up test before Friday, December 19th.

If you did not take the test, please disregard these results.


2) We are holding a Form/Poomsae Tournament on Friday, December 19, from 4-5 PM. Anyone is welcome to join, whether you took the test or not. Everyone gets a trophy! There is a Christmas Special: $20 for everyone! For more information and to sign up, please ask the front desk.


3) After the tournament, we have the Belt Ceremony and Christmas Potluck Party from 5-8:30 PM. Please wear your full uniforms!  


4) We will be announcing the winner of the most referrals in 2014 during the Belt Ceremony! The winner will receive a iPad mini!

 Also, a raffle ticket will be given to each family for a donation given for the Christmas Potluck Party! If you have given a money donation, please come to the front desk for the ticket. Otherwise, a ticket will be given on the day of the potluck.We will be having a raffle for another iPad mini!


5) There is NO CLASS on Friday, December 19th due to the Belt Ceremony and Christmas Party. 

            There will also be NO CLASS on December 24-25, and Dec. 29 - Jan. 1. Happy Holidays!




Best Regards,


Master Lee & Staff

Ultimate Tae Kwon Do Academy


(818) 567-1234